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Guild rules

Postby swordster » Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:38 am

General rules
- Cerberus members treat other players with respect. Training, cursing or misbehaving against other players is not allowed.

- Cerberus members should check the forum periodically for information about raids, rules, etc.

- All Cerberus members are responsible for everything done by your characters. "It must have been a friend who logged on and did that" is not a valid explanation.

Recruiting and promoting
- Everyone who is recruited into the organisation for the first time must be an applicant for at least one week.

- Anyone who has received member status in guild for at least one month is allowed to apply for veteran status.

Guild chat
- Everyone should treat all others in guild chat with respect. No swearing at each other. A damn, fuck or similar and not directed at a person, just more of a reflection of something going bad, are of course OK, but keep it at a more civilized level.

- Guild chat is not a shop channel, but offering stuff to other players that you won't take any profit from are OK. Example: You're allowed to sell your old equipment in org chat for the same price as you bought it for. No spamming of items for sell is allowed.

City raiding
- All raids are free for all Cerberus members to attend if they are within the level range decided by the CRU provider. Level restrictions should only be applied to make sure that a bot loot might not be of too low quality level (eg. level 210+ for QL 240+ bots).

- The person lowering the cloak is responsible for the cloak to be put back on, as soon as possible.

- All raids should be announced at least 5 minutes before cloak is being dropped. If there are any level restrictions for participating in the raid, it should be written in the announcement. For example: I'm gonna do a farm raid in city. All level 210+ are welcome to join for AXP. If you are unsure how long 5 minutes is, just use !timers add 5:00 City raid in org chat and you get a message after 5 minutes.

- If you're going to enter the city and are not sure if there are a raid in progress, do a !cloak in guild chat or ask if city is safe. Raiders are of course also allowed to shout in org chat when they see that some one logs on or coming back from a afk. Everyone benefits from working city raids.

- If you are doing a farm raid and someone wants to use city grid or enter city for a short period of time you are obligated to help that person to do it in a smooth way for both sides as possible. A suggestion is that the entering person waits in grid or outside city limits until a new wave arrives and that the raider/raiders inform the entering person that it is OK to enter the city for a short period of time as soon as the wave has landed.

- If several persons want to do farm raids, then the persons should take turns in raiding so everyone gets an equal chance of raiding.

- Raiding in the city is a privilege, not a right. If you break the raiding rules, your veteran status will be revoked.

City shops
- Every person with at least member status is allowed to have an org city shop. If there are a lot of shops open for renting, then one or two alts are also allowed to get a shop in the city.
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