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Patch 18.4.3

Postby Kehaan » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:14 am

18.4.3 Preliminary Update Notes

* 151-174 and 175-214 Battle Station level ranges adjusted: New ranges are 151-200 and 201-214.
* Key binding for mouse buttons is now enabled.
* Using the scrollwheel while moving the mouse should no longer cause issues for some users.
* Dust Brigade Security Codes will now use skill-lock rather than a blocker-nano to govern how often it can be used.
* More items have received new Docaholic produced icons.
* Items not intended to be available in-game are now only social in nature with no modifiers.
* Fixed a few exploits.

Daily Missions: Solo Daily Mission Aliens Tweaks.

* Decreased the health, nano resist, and increased vulnerability to crowd control-tools on level 195+ Aliens.
* Decreased the attack rating of some level 220+ Aliens.

Daily Missions: One Green Hill / One Foggy Hill

* The Ottous Bulk and the Enigma Sprout will no longer do damage meaning they can no longer steal kill credit while you're running the mission
* The normal damage and the critical hits of the Ferocious Ottous has been reduced
* The aggressive behaviour of the Ferocious Ottous and the Dark Enigma has been adjusted, making them more prone to initiate fight with the Ottous Bulk / Dark Enigma ... p?t=586104
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