New leadership, new rules

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New leadership, new rules

Postby Jasper2002 » Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:35 pm

Hiya all

If you are reading this welcome back, or just welcome.

We are trying to revitalise the org and as part of this there is a new structure and leadership.

Unfortunately due to Psy and a few others not being available for some time we have contacted a GM to pass leadership over to those with active players in the Org. This in turn has been passed back to me.

My alt Burstauto is now the Org leader.

If this is a problem I will move Jasp back, but cannot see it as such

We are now very much tied in with Rising Phoenix as a family and as such both bots will be connected. The rules about chat are as such more limited than you may have been used to, however the overriding rule is that swearing is not allowed in GC. Ever.

We are mostly all adults, and while you may say that you can say what you like, you can also control what you say, you are typing it after all, so no swearing. If this happens too many times the bots will be disconnected and we will all lose out on many opportunities.

The connection with Rising Phoenix (RP) is historic, as we all know Mawerick, who has been a guest in RP for a long long time, and Zukan and Refixit from the raiding days when Sword was in charge, we are now formalising this relationship by utilising the 2 Orgs together to allow for more teaming and goals to be achieved for all involved. This is a big plus for all Cerbs current active players and a boost to RP, which will allow us to succeeed more and more often on more goals.

I believe this is the way forward and after a few weeks we will begin recruiting again to bolster the numbers, but we need this to work too have something to offer the newcommers.

Let me know in PM's if you have an issue with this, or log in and we can talk in person, otherwise the rules as they are stand.

We will talk again soon.

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