Guide: Gilthar's Garden and Sanctuary keys (Adonis)

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Guide: Gilthar's Garden and Sanctuary keys (Adonis)

Postby furydemon » Sun Jun 06, 2004 7:25 am

The Gilthar's Garden Key Quest (Adonis)

Before getting the quest, it’s faster to get a quest item as it saves you returning to the temple twice.

1. Get the note
Adonis city – NW of City South garden exit 1601 x 908 Adonis City. Look for 1st note drop and 2nd note drop green dots

Both portals lead you to a mob either Jorr-Thrak Dal or Urga-Yutt Dal that drops the quest item - a Note. But as the drop rate isn’t 100% & they’re on a 20 minute spawn, you might need to kill both at least once.

2. Get the quest!
Head to the Redeemed Village Acropolis. Come out of the Outermost Yard Garden Entrance and its to the NE. As always with temples, into the second room & up the long staircase. Take the South door & speak to Ecclesiast Gill Jha. Talk to him & get the letter. The guy standing next to The Ecclesiast is Sipius Gil Ilad-Ulma. Talk to him & show him the Letter.

Return to the Ecclesiast Gill Jha and show him the Note you looted from the unredeemed mobs mentioned in part 1.
The Ecclesiast says something like: "First you should locate these Arks mentioned in the note. I have received word from the Acolyte that there are two Arks. One is standing on a platform and the other is wrecked, with parts spread all over the area. You must find both. Then take the note you have brought me, and give it to the Diviner, Gil Ulma-Duna, in the Garden. He will tell you more, and tell you how you may aid the Diviners. For now, take this insignia. You may offer it at the statue of Gilthar to gain entrance to His garden..."

3. Tag 2 devices – see image below

You have to go to 2 crashed looking ships – one is at 2802 x 2533. Looks like a black spaceship. There are some spirits that are aggro. Inside, in the middle of the ship there’s an Ancient Control Panel. Target it & you should get a new mission. The second Ancient Control Panel is at 1671 x 3023. Target again & then you’ll be asked to return to the garden.

4. Return to Diviner Gil Yeol-Ulma
Return to the garden – talk to the diviner (near the shops) and you’ll have a shiny garden key!

Continue the conversation to start the sanctuary quest.

Thanks to other forums & SL Atlas for the knowledge to let me get my key! Plus of course Cerbs help
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Gilthar Sanctuary key quest

Postby Smacdevil » Mon Jul 26, 2004 1:35 am

The Gilthar's Sanctuary Key Quest (Adonis)

Items needed:
1 x Crystal Filled by the Source ql 150+
1 x Crystal Filled by the Source ql 160+
Ditto QL Novictum to energise the crystals

1. Obtain the quest
Talk to Diviner Gil Yeol-Ulma in The Garden of Gilthar, you'll find him outside the small hut near the vendors. Incidentally, he will automatically give this quest if you continue the conversation with him as you complete the Garden key quest (see the first post).

2. Search for traces of a powerful creature...
The Diviner requests that you to hunt ghosts and spirits for traces of a powerful creature. I don't recommend this approach, as the spirit and spirit hunter bosses have dismal drop rates for the items in question... namely the pattern pieces of The Infernal Demon. A much more reliable method is to repeatedly kill the unredeemed boss Visionist Lum-Bhotaar Dal (Adonis City west) who has 100% drop rate :)

3. Show the pattern to Gil Yeol-Ulma
When you have all the parts (Aban, Bhotaar, Chi, Dom), assemble the pattern and show it to Diviner Gil Yeol-Ulma. He'll instruct you to spawn and kill The Infernal Demon and return with any evidence of the lost Diviner.
- Note: Making the PB crystal requires 400 nanoprog, so you might want to have someone else do that for you as the quest only requires that you're in the kill team.

4. Kill The Infernal Demon
Spawn the demon and kill it (you'll have to wait for the 5 mins of grace before you may attack it), and make sure you loot the Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Diviner Gil Kald-Thar' once it's dead. The demon is level 160 and not easy to solo for most TL4 chars.

5. Spawn Diviner Gil Kald-Thar
Assemble the pattern into a PB crystal and spawn it too. You'll want to talk to the diviner and obtain the information that Gil Yeol-Ulma seeks. As you finish the conversation with Gil Kald-Thar, he will leave you the Record of Lost Diviner

6. Return with the information
Return the Record to Gil Yeol-Ulma in the garden, and he will reward you with The Key to Gilthar's Sanctuary

Grats :)
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Postby slock » Tue Jul 27, 2004 2:56 pm

Few tips..

When you get the mission, you should also get an insignia, use it at outmost yard statue, save in garden, and the rest of the quest becomes alot easier.

Approaching the first control panel, you want to run up the ramp on the southern side of the big spaceship platform. Then aim yourself almost at 11 oclock (forward and little to left), accross open area, past spirits and jump down into gap below, you can turn to your right and immediately target the console. It doesn't matter if you die, if you saved in garden, but if you want to live, immediately turn back around and run out west, straight off platform, up ledge, and there is a broken bridge you can jump accross.

For second platform, there is a small land-bound water area you can approach on southern edge of this island. If you aim for western side of this water patch, there is a place you can crawl out of ocean. Then cross short land and get back in water. Swim toward back under the big pieces of spaceship, and you can work your way up to the top of the hill without getting the attention of any dryad mobs, and to the console. Fastest way to garden, if you saved, is to immediately go hug a dryad.
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Postby brunder » Tue Sep 07, 2004 5:34 pm

Out of da wawa for the second tag. Just SE of the 'horn' on the west side of the island for the second device tag you can get out of the wawa, and then just run towards the device. This might help clarify where that spot is for some, as i had probs finding it, ddn't think to grab the coords though, sorry.
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Postby Smacdevil » Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:16 pm

Bump, added the Sanctuary quest guide (about time too, just been lazy :P )
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Postby Psymonator » Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:21 pm

gdgd, was looking for that sanct quest yesterdy :P
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