Uncle Bazzit Quest

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Uncle Bazzit Quest

Postby trgeorge » Thu Sep 02, 2004 1:11 pm

As usually first task in each quest is locating quest holder, Uncle Bazzit (yes notorius weponsmith) in this case. He is located in his shop in Metmethere, Newland Desert at 1546, 2720 (he's the one in Jobe suit, other NPC is his maid robot Maria).

He runs busy trade of organization HQ components, yalm upgrades and social clothes designs. But that's just his way of hoarding credits, his passion and expertise lies in field of weaponsmithing and upgrading. With current plague of aliens his secondary trade takes most of his time, so if pressed a bit he might have some task for you.

Upon striking conversation with him, with wish of upgrading weapon heavely on your mind, you find he's currently involved with Unknown Device. After few tips given (in lines of someone not having clue about cars but still being helpful), he gives up and promise you to upgrade weapon, if you find out what's with this item. Your first quest consist of finding Deidre Lux in Street west Bank at 1260, 2850.

Of course she can help you with device, but she needs something done in return. You're send out to Old Athens to meet with Ramon Bauer, Vanguard, to complain about misstuned 2nd edition Tuned Pistola Di Macchina Mini Automatico 21.He seems reluctant to help you, but since Deidre is big customer and he needs some help, you might still get perfectly tuned weapon.

He sends you on tracking mission¸to Omni Trade, to tag Commander Kend Ash at 430, 420 with Modified Tracking Device. Upon returning, he also needs to learn for what frequency weapon is misstuned (0.000022 Hz). He gives you 2nd edition Tuned Pistola Di Macchina Mini Automatico 21, properly tuned this time to return to miss Deidre.

Now Deidre can help you, provided you have the stuff needed to be admitted to Hacker Club. Your first trial consist of tracking 3 borgs with Hacker tool, after which she makes Linked Hacker Tool out of it. First two can be found in Mort, at Sentinel crater, Inferno prototype is located in Cyborg Baracks in Greater tir County.

Second trial consist of geting Vanguard Node 19 Access Card as mission pick-up, which she then turns into Hacked Vanguard Node 19 Access Card.

Third trial is to hack into Vanguard database and destroy all info regarding "Bazzit". Somewhere in mission is strange looking post, with which you open interface. You list true option until you get "access denied". Then you use Hacked Vanguard Node 19 Access Card on it and "clear query" of Bazzit. After that don't forget to make print of it Vanguard Node 19 Logs.

Upon returning to Deidre you finally get help needed, as well as Hacker Club Affiliate Card. She takes contact with Ofoz, who after some skillful hacking finds out device is Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. Ofoz seems to know more, but is reluctant to share info over intercomm. At this point be sure to inform Deidre, you'll first share this info with Uncle Bazzit.

Bazzit is trilled about your progess, but still too busy to upgrade weapons. Since all clanners are paranoid, you couldn't leave without asking about Omni involvement in situation. Uncle got this device of Vanguards, but he agrees it's good idea to investigate whole affair futher.

Your next contact is Ofoz in Borealis at 680,580. He's suspicious type and sole knowledge of Deidre isn't enough...better fish out that Hacker Club Affiliate Card. He might help you futher, but for that he needs informations directly from source. You most valiantly volunteer to risk your own skin even if there's slim chance to promote clan cause. Your mission consists of placing Remote Access Hacker Tool on node inside some secret OT structure to retrive Omni-Tek Node Logs. Ofoz is able to decifer those, revealing some secret Unicorn operation shortly after Jobe portal was opened. There's more info to be gathered, but he's too chicken to help you out and sends you to best hacker there is...to Sirocco in Old Athens at 210,210.

Sirocco too would like to peek at your photo in Hacker Club Affiliate Card, and then proceed cautiously. Since tool got in hands of Uncle Bazzit from Vanguards maybe safest route would be to ask them first what they know about it. But first back to informing Uncle Bazzit on your progress.

Bazzit is so thrilled with your succes, he donates you Bazzit's Alien Library. He also thinks it would be good idea to investigate whole thing futher. So let's see Ramon again.

Ramon being true to Vanguard cause, don't want to reveal info for free. But talk about luck, he has some mission for you. All you have to do is to retrieve Stolen Goods. He'll then share information (free of any additional charge), revealing that he bought that device from Eco Red in Aegean at 626,1150.
Red isn't it former self...he transformed into hippie-like blubermouth. Just enquier about ecosystems and local wildlife...option to ask about this device will present itself. Unforunatly he too is extremly busy and would really apreciate if you'd do him small favor, while he tries to remember about this device. So you set out, equiped with Scanning Device after some local wildlife (must be scaned in proper order). You can find Hammer Beast roaming around Souther Fouls Hills in the NW corner of map, Rollerat in Clan BY, Monolith Blubbag in Warmint Woods (lvl 60 dyna west of whompa), Vulture Feuder SW of Home or NE of Shades in GTC, and Grass Snake in Omni BY (beware, guard is aggro!). Now Red tells you what he knows about Alien crash and admits it was really his friend Zibell the wanderer from Central artery valley at 3435,2650, who found this device. So now's time for trek to CAV.
*Here's little advice/spoiler. Zibell and Dr.Krank are, well, they'd be called excentric if they would be rich. You can bypass most of conversation just by trading needing item to them. You'd miss some interesting conversation tho. *
Strike conversation with Zibell and try making him talk about Dr.Krank. When he starts to relax as he splits about his counterpart, you feel it's good time to ask about Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. Sure he could tell you about how he got it, but you shouldn't wind him up about Dr.Krank, this is only thing he can think about atm. Only option is to get rid of "good" doc. At this point you could go talk to Dr.Krank, but he won't share any information and deffinitly won't buldge. (Here's friendly tip from Minimalist....I sure couldn't find any info what to do next ingame).
Travel back to Aegean and visit old friend Dodga Demerzel at 610,1120. Ask him about his work for CoT and about personel shortage. He does have Omni-Tek Personnel Transfer Application and upon learning that it would help Uncle Bazzit, he'll gladely share it with you.Now get back to CAV and visit Dr.Krank at 2965,1315. He won't be trilled about receiving transfer, but que serra, besides he probably won't remember it anyway the next day.
Now Zibell is prepared to talk about device and you learn that it wasn't him who found it (I'll leave you task to dig this out ;)). And it's wrong man, you're talking too, other fruitcake might be more autority on Kyr'Ozch.
Just revist Dr.Krank and force device upon him...he'll share information and even ql100 Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material to test it on. With cycle closed you can return to Uncle Bazzit, who'll reveal some dark secret from the past and donate you Overclocked Belt Component Platform for your troubles (yes, you can keep device you greedy mamal).

Finnaly couple of warnings....quest is buggy and at times you must use proper wording to continue it (It's not obvius choise). There is also problem with Omni taging Ramon and pulling him away, tho breaking conversation/quest. If anything like that happens or a timer runs out, you can pick up quest from Deidre....just say you want to inform Uncle Bazzit about findings and you'll pick it up from there. Also missions from Ramon to Red, Red's tagging one, from Red to Zibell don't delete/finish. Due to those factors it's possible that fix/change in quest will be introduced somewhere in future.
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Postby Smacdevil » Wed Apr 06, 2005 1:18 pm

Thanks for this guide, very helpful :)

Edited your post regarding location of some mobs (Hammer Beast and Vulture Feuder).
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Re: Uncle Bazzit Quest

Postby Superfreakeh » Fri Aug 03, 2007 1:40 pm

Ofoz is now located in Newland. Coords... 262.1, 317.7
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