Guide: Cama Garden Key (Penumbra)

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Guide: Cama Garden Key (Penumbra)

Postby Smacdevil » Sun Dec 12, 2004 3:36 am

The Cama Garden Key Quest (Penumbra)

I recommend you obtain these items before starting on the actual quest:

- 35x Fragment of the Source - drops from most mobs throughout Penumbra.
- 6x Insignia of Vanya - drops from Silvertails and Stalkers.

Tip: If you are lvl 203 or higher, this is easiest outside the Unredeemed temple (The White Citadel) NE on the map, as you are going there anyway early in the quest. Bring a couple of bags if your inventory is cramped.


A. Go to the Redeemed temple in Penumbra, use Yuttos Wastelands garden exit and head N/NW to the island where the temple is situated. Be careful as you traverse the ice span near it, as there are bottomless cracks and crevices at some locations that can take you to Rubi-Ka.

B. Enter the temple and climb the spiral stairs inside, and enter the 75% gas room. Talk to Devoted Cama Gil-Lux (on the platform to your right as you enter the room) and offer your assistance. You will be asked to help find some Unredeemed mobs. The quest will require you to target them all in the specific order (10 mobs in total).

1. Auram-Cur. Located at at the entrance to the valley before the unredeemed temple (The White Citadel) 2960 x 1890.
2. Cama-El - Marked by Vanya. Located a bit closer to the Unred. temple, 3120 x 2040.
3. Rawa-El - Marked. Stands on a low platform below the temple, 3098 x 2175
4. Coma-El - Marked by Vanya. Easiest to target at 2305 x 2099
5. Craig-Or of Preservation. Located at Penumbra Fortress just N of Ravine, Pos: 2235.3, 1072.
6. Frosty Rafter - Marked by Vanya. 1278 x 452 near Blue Mist
7. Exiguous Spirit - Marked by Vanya. Icy cave to the far NW region, 1464 x 2550
8. Taigan Stalker - Marked by Vanya. North of the Ravine garden exit, 2088 x 793
9. El-Feret - Marked by Vanya. Outside the redeemed temple, wandering around the W perimiter (861 x 1979)
10. Omega Carlos Truhillo. This mob is spawned by the following process:

- Get somebody to help you with this, as a team is required unless you are TL7+.
- Enter the Unredeemed temple and kill the Patriarch Prophet (door to the right in the second room)
- The Acolyte will spawn to the right of the raised platform. Open chat dialogue with him and feed the 6x Insignia of Vanya he wants (don't bother chatting, not necessary).
- Omega Carlos Truhillo + friends will spawn at the same spot where the Patriarch Prophet spawns.

C. As you target the Omega, a Source Fragment Scanner will appear in your inventory. Use the scanner with the 35 Fragments of the Source - each scanner will accept seven fragments before spawning a fresh scanner in your inventory. Repeat until all fragments have been scanned (they are consumed in the process).

As you scan the very last fragment, you will recieve (ta-daaaa!) The Key to the Garden of Cama

Congrats! :)
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Postby trgeorge » Sun Dec 12, 2004 4:47 am

Also be carefull around Redeemed temple, since low regions can be under zone border, resulting in droping down on Rubi-Ka.

(Nice work as always Smac)
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Postby Doctain » Thu Jun 08, 2006 8:53 am

top walk through smac :) followed this walk though to the letter and got my garden key :)) thankx m8 :L)
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Postby Dajjal » Sun Jun 03, 2007 4:43 am

Didnt think getting my Pen key would be this easy! Thanks a lot to you too BH; with Psy, Sword and Uku who helped me with the quest itself. :D/
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