Perennium Weapons

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Perennium Weapons

Postby Jasper2002 » Thu Jan 13, 2005 1:58 am

Until you can start equipping Inferno weapons, at least for Soldiers, Agents and Fixers you will more than likely be using Perennium Blasters, Snipers and Beamers respectively. So what do you need to build them?

In all cases you need

Perennium Bolts
Perennium Sheet

In the case of the Sniper you need a Nano Charged Rifle
In the case of the Beamer and Blaster you need a Nano Charged Assault Rifle.
These are blitzable at all ql's with the minimum being 50 and max 200

The you need an STA or Spirit Tech Aparatus, which are Long for the Sniper, Short for the Beamer and Double Barreled for the Blaster.
These drop in ql's up to 140ish from named mortiigs in East Fang in Ely (most common) and higher from Named Hecks and Golems across SL.

The skills needed for a ql 200 rifle are scary, but work on this principle.
5 x ql of the Rifle QL in EE
7 x ql of the Rifle QL in ME and B&E (to hack it, the first step)

The muzzle can be combined to a rifle that is 25% higher ql than it, or in other words the muzzle must be 80% of the ql of the rifle. This means a ql 160+ will work to make a ql 200 or Superior Perennium [insert name here].

Building principle.

Take your gun and give it to a friendly fixer or high level engi to hack, then ask them nicely for it back :)
Take the Perennium Sheet, at least the same ql as the STA and combine the sheet with the muzzle.
Combine the finished product with the hacked gun
Combine the bolts, at least the same ql as the STA, with the remainder to complete the process.

Apart from the STA's the rest of the items are regular drops from Hecks or blitzable. So many sheets and bolts drop that many of us have spares and just delete of bodies now. The STA's are fairly regular drops and most of us have some lower ql ones which are useful for tower twinks and high ones come up fairly frequently on the shopping forums.
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