Merc raiding

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Merc raiding

Postby trgeorge » Sat Jan 15, 2005 7:00 am

Merc camp is located in EPF at 760,1380. It's located on island, connected to mainland by bridge. While you need to be on island inside camp while spawning them, killing mercs is usually conducted on mainland, just after bridge. Easier to manage adds.

Prior to start of raid someone must obtain Sealed Letter. you need to talk to ICC Commander inside ICC (center of Andromeda) and ask about Jack Two Fingers. He'll direct you to proper spawn place (you'll have 15 min to get there), where you'll talk to Jack. (Since I'm at work I'll have to check proper answers later).

Spawning Otacustes : inside camp at 720,1315 is Primus. He's placeholder for Ota. Respawn time is 15 min. 3 higher level chars can do the spawning, but also team of 150+ with some healing can do it. It's best if spawners face west, since primus tend to run when low on health (to prevent multiple adds).

Once Ota is spawned raid force should leave encampment and regroup at other side of bridge. Feeder trades in letter to Otacustes and Mercaniers spawn.

Pulling and killing : Puller can do his/her job safest with debuffs (with increased nano range..items+buffs). Should puller get agro from more than one merc, he should pull in different direction and get killed. If raidforce isn't competing for kill, it doesn't really matters how teams are set up. It's essential there's at least one good tank present and couple of docs. Docs should all have heal macro. Tank should solo pulled merc for some time to ensure agro don't flicker. After couple of minutes rest of raid force can join in, going easy with specials at start. Once done with one merc, puller can go for more.

Mercs have their different tricks, loot and range in difficulty. From easy to hard they go like : Nelly, Peter, Patricia, Ris, Ian. Ian has AoE nuke and stun. If not engaged, all still living merc respawn in 2 hours.
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Postby Murderall » Sat Dec 10, 2005 4:59 am

I'll add that Commander despawns very fast, taking the location of Joe(it was joe for me) two fingers with him. Need to be quick on the reading or take a screenie.
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Postby trgeorge » Sat Dec 10, 2005 6:24 am

Working on guide of AO Universe for Mercs atm. I estimate I'll finish it till end of Jan (waiting for next patch. 16.1.2. brought some changes in Merc mechanics and there's some bad blood over the fact if it's bugs or features). Anyway, in guide there will be coords next to loactions of Joe. Directions are easy, since all you have to read is either place (farm, rocks, etc..) or general direction (east, south, etc..)

I already have this part covered, just couldn't think of a way to include it to NPC list without messing whole thing even more (lines are just too long as it is).

Edit: WTH, it's long time till end of Jan...
- caves south of here (coordinates 3510x325)
- farm far west of here (coordinates 850x750)
- stone formation north-east from here (coordinates 3910x1700)
- mutant village east of here (coordinates 4305x1145)
- mutant village north of here (3020,2235)
Edit2: while this guide is correct on general bases, it's a bit outdated. But anyone with some experience can still lead group to successfull raid (just need to cope with change of pulling Merc and fighting Ian)
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