How to: The Rihwen (cut n paste from MP forum)

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How to: The Rihwen (cut n paste from MP forum)

Postby suchysuchy » Wed Feb 09, 2005 1:03 am


This is small tutorial for obtaining The Rihwen, MP 220 pet. (Clan)

Biodome Zones:

Omni-Tek: Southern Artery Valley ( Kegern's Molybdenum Armor as bonus loot )
Easiest way: Ent -> 20k -> 10-3.

Clan: Belial Forest ( Jathos' Molybdenum Armor set as bonus loot )
Easiest way: OA -> TIR -> Varminth Woods -> Wine


Gather team of few ranged dmg, enforcer and heals (1 doc prefered)


Go to Belial Forest Position: 1380, 2180 Area: Omega Swamp.
(Location of 1st placeholder and rest 2 are along road leading to south)

The placeholder mobs are:

* Ressurected Swamp Wierder
* Ressurected Swamp Witch
* Ressurected Swamp Hag
* Ressurected Swamp Watcher
* Ressurected Swamp Mistress
* Ressurected Swamp Crone

Kill placeholder Hags until they spawn boss, kill it and loot:
"Shard of a Keycard" labeled NO, PH and EX. (Belial Forest)
"Shard of a Keycard" labeled ZN, OR and E. (Southern Artery Valley )
(Instaspawning placeholders, usually need about 3 kills of each type for next type to spawn)

Combine 3 "Shard of a Keycard" and give "Broken Keycard" to Dome Warden outside of Dome #1, #2 or #3
(U can use whatever dome u want)

You receive box that contains 60 security passes and Key for releasing main boss Uruqhart the Absorber.


Gather about 2 teams, 1 high level enforcer, and damagedealers with various weapons for different damage types. Now you need atleast 2 doctors.


Give 1 security pass to each player entering dome and make sure they equip it to HUD slot.

Now when all have their pass equiped, enter dome and spawn final boss by using key into small box attached to table middle of dome.

Kill Uruqhart the absorber and loot Pattern of Indomitable Life. (Maybe something like 50% droprate).


Placeholder hags AOE nuke for 4-8k.

Security pass last only for 30minutes after taking it out from box.

Remember to equip your security pass.
(Prevents agro from turrets that hit 10k criticals)

Biodome boss AOE nukes for 4-8k

Biodome boss starts reflecting different damage types from time to time. (Make sure to have alternate weapons with you)

Do NOT use any AOE attacks or offensive auras like engineer blinds inside dome.
(Prevents agro from turrets that hit 10k criticals)

If raidgroup gets killed, reform outside dome. Take new security passes from box and try again
(Boss wont despawn if u make haste)


Now that you have Pattern of Indomitable Life combine it with Nophex Cube and then polish it with Kenneth Polishing Geel
(Geel can be bought from MMD Uncle Bazzit shop)

Aaaaaand there we have Cube with Rihwen ready for being uploaded

More info: ... tail&id=23

[Fixed last link for you --Flame]
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