Guide: +7 Sanguine Ring Quest (Penumbra => Inferno)

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Guide: +7 Sanguine Ring Quest (Penumbra => Inferno)

Postby Smacdevil » Mon Feb 14, 2005 2:50 am

The +7 Sanguine Ring Quest (Penumbra => Inferno)

Completing this quest will provide a full team with the Sanguine Ring that grants access to Inferno, however you also need the protection boots to survive the environment DoT there (see different guide). The quest is quite tough for the intended level range (190-205) so a team is needed. Having a tank, MP (nsd), Doc and Crat will make this a whole lot easier.

Items Ergo needs to give you the ring:
A slightly dented molar from the great ice golem
Rimy Ring for the Control Unit

Other items needed during the quest:
A Page From The Yomi Grimoire
The Book of Insignificant Rituals
Sealed Instructions to the Acolyte Cama Hume
Sacred Blueprint of Vanya
Vanya's Beating Heart
Crystal Filled by the Source QL 210+
Subdued Flow of Novictum QL 210+
Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'The Great Ice Golem'


1. Form the raid team and enter the Adonis Catacombs. Kill the boss mobs until you end up with at least one A Page From The Yomi Grimoire.

2. Head to Penumbra Redeemed temple (Yuttos Wastes garden exit) and talk to Ecclesiast Cama Thar (south room on top floor in temple). Tell him you need to see Cama, to get some information from her. The ecclesiast will want The Book of Insignificant Rituals, which Sipius Cama Path-Ilad can provide in return for the Yomi Grimoire page. Just trade the Yomi page to Sipius and you should recieve The Book of Insignificant Rituals in return.

3. Give the The Book of Insignificant Rituals to the Ecclesiast Cama Thar, who will spawn Redeemed Cama for you. Note that Cama spawns in the other room with 75% gas, so be carefull if there are Omni's around who might be seeking to kill Cama for their version of this quest.

4. Run to the other room and talk to Cama, who will give you the Sealed Instructions to the Acolyte Cama Hume. You will recieve a quest to "strike down Unredeemed Vanya and bring back her heart to Cama". This has a 10 hour timer, so no big hurry.

5. Now it's time to kick some Unredeemed butt: Head to the Unredeemed Temple (The White Citadel) and kill the Patriarch Prophet Nar Van, to spawn Acoloyte Cama Hume. The prophet also drops Sacred Blueprint of Vanya (100%) which you need in the next step.

6. Open chat with the Acolyte and just hand over the Sacred Blueprint + Sealed Instructions, and Unredeemed Vanya will spawn directly and without any adds, skipping the Omega Carlos Truhillo who spawns when using insignias.

7. Kill Vanya, who has quite alot of health and hits hard for her level [need info]. UBT from a Doc and AC, Reflects etc. will help alot, along with MP for NSD (AoE nukes). Loot Vanya's Beating Heart, which is a temporary item that only lasts 1 hour, 30 minutes according to the item DB, but from personal experience the item is as permanent as anything else. You have been warned, though... so go ahead and finish the quest :P

8. Go to the Ecclesiast in the Redeemed temple again, tell him you need to see Cama because you have something to give her, show him the heart. He will quench the life of the heart and hand you back Vanya's Lifeless Heart (temporary 10 minute item). He now spawns Cama in the 75% room, hurry over there!

9. Talk to Cama, give her the heart, and she gives you a Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'The Great Ice Golem'. Mission complete! Now you can assemble the pocket poss crystal and novictalize it using ql 210+ components - you are now ready to spawn the golem.

10. Take the team to the East incarnator in Penumbra and defeat the Ice Golem. Bring tank, healer (with AoE heals) and NSD for a smooth kill, due to area nukes and a very nasty area DoT that will land on the whole team regardless of NSD just before the golem dies. Make sure everyone loots their A slightly dented molar from the great ice golem as fast as possible!

11. Take the molar to Ergo and trade it in for your very own Sanguine Ring for Inferno access :)

For twinks: You will need minimum 25k Guardian faction to enter Inferno!
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