Strong Regenerating Bioplate, how to make:

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Strong Regenerating Bioplate, how to make:

Postby Smacdevil » Fri Sep 23, 2005 5:23 am

Making a Strong Regenerating Bioplate

This item is necessary to build AI city buildings, and can be made using two different methods:

1. Combine HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate + Generic Volatile Nanobots = Strong Regenerating Bioplate
These items cost almost 4m in Uncle Bazzit's Workshop!

2. Save your buckazoids and make it from scrach using the process described below:

Tools needed:
- Neutron Displacer
- Advanced Bio-Comminutor

Components needed:
- Stalker Carapace
- Rollerrat Queen Blood

Obtain the components:

Stalker Carapace
This item drops from regular Stalkers in the northern parts of Upper Stret East Bank. The droprate is OK, and there's usually lots of Stalkers in an area so you can farm a quite a few carapaces. Make sure you are killing the regular Stalker, not for instance Striker Stalker or Mist Stalker.

Rollerat Queen Blood
There's an area south of The Last Ditch in Stret West Bank with lots of Rollerat Queens and Matriarchs. Go for the Queens, droprate is very good.

The construction Process:

1. Neutron Displacer + Stalker Carapace = Non-Regenerating Bioplate

Image + Image = Image

2. Bio-Comminutor + Rollerrat Queen Blood = Rollerrat Queen Erythrocyte

Image + Image = Image

3. Rollerrat Queen Erythrocyte + Non-Regenerating Bioplate = Strong Regenerating Bioplate

Image + Image = Image

Will update later, and hopefully make a comprehensive guide for buildings.
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