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Assist script

Postby swordster » Sun May 30, 2010 4:27 am

Some of you might have seen me using this script. This macro makes a assist macro window of your current target. Ex. If Im targeting my trader (Swordster) and write /ass (my macro name) in team window, a link will appear that says "Assist Swordster". If you click the link a window will appear with the 3 options "Click for Assist Swordster macro", if you click it it makes a macro for your hot bar that gives you Swordsters target when you click it. "Click for quick Assist Swordster" Just gives you Sworsters target if you click it. "Click for Assist macro" makes a regular assist macro (gives you your targets target) for your hot bar.

Code: Select all
<a href="text://<div align=center><br><a href='chatcmd:///macro %t /Assist %t'><br><font color=#FFFAAA>Click for Assist %t macro</a><br><a href='chatcmd:///Assist %t'><br>Click for quick Assist %t</a><br><a href='chatcmd:///macro Assist /Assist'><br><font color=#FFFAAA>Click for Assist macro</a><br>">Assist %t</font></a>
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