Clan start-up quest chain

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Clan start-up quest chain

Postby trgeorge » Sat May 28, 2005 11:21 pm

This quest chain is aimed at new players, who just left ICC island. It guides them tru West Athens, Old Athens, Tir, Newland City and Tir County, giving tips on playing game, linking other lowbie quests and giving some basic tools. It doesn't really need spoiler, but what the heck, I'm bored at work.

Right after using whompa from ICC Island you bump into Graham Simons,395,345, with Lockpick quest and Annie Kingsglade, 390,340, who starts link of quests. She asks you to return Bio-Comminutor to Robert Ryan, located just outside Basic shop in WA, 450,390.

He (un)fortunatly doesn't want it anymore, so you can either keep it or return back to Annie (doesn't trigger any more quests). He directs newcomers to Subway or to Tirbo Ratcatcher, 327,360.

Tirbo gives out the renown Rat-tail quest, but nowdays he need to report on his progres too. So he send you deliver Rollerrat Report to Calista Zazzera, 440,305 Old Athens.

She in turn needs Sanitation Study delivered to Iratius Kaiser, 615,345 Tir. There's 2x belt for reward.

Iratius, apart from giving out CRU missions for those over level 50, sneds you to Ghengis pan, 420,450 Tir, with Food Preperation License. On your way there you just miss Berta the bronto fliper, 450,370 Tir, part of Nodda ribs quest.

Ghengis, in turn, aims you towards Sam Chin, 2720,620 Tir County, with Supply Crate and Computer Literacy Proficiency as reward. Mission has 7 min timer, so there's not much time to waste.

It's funny, But Sam too needs Frozen Leet Yummies taken across half a zone. This time target is Inventor Bobic, 1910,1400 Tir County.

Bobic gives out two quests. His regular one for hood and delivery of Substance Analysis RNDY5554651 to High commander Brock, 2860,740 Tir County.

Brock has 3 quests. One for rings, one locating Nodda Gregg, 1935,1500 Tir County, and one delivery to Good time party mixer, 465,340 Newland City.

Once you arrive to Nodda Gregg, target it and use (r-click it on him) Personnel Locator on him(r-click it on him). You should return Personnel Locator to Brock now, to be rewarded one piece of armor (Battered Leather Vest in my case). While at Nodda, you can help him with his hunger.

Good time party mixer on the other hand already expects Requisition Order. At this point you can take Armor quests or return Thermos to Annie and be awarded A Leet Doll.

I run tru this chain of quests with level 6 character without troubles, apart couple of attacks from Rollerrats and Omni Tek employees in Tir Couty. Basicly it can be done with level 1 char, but since there's some ground to cover, I recomend leveling up a bit first and invest Ip in Run speed. On the road you learn a bit about Rubi Ka's history and situation as well as some additional help transportation, appartments and similar.
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Postby Flameforge » Sun May 29, 2005 1:04 am

Nice timing! I just started a new doc to try out the ICC Island since I hadn't seen it yet. I should try out some of these new quests on RK too!
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Postby Smacdevil » Sun May 29, 2005 1:07 am

Cool, this is great info for lowbie chars 8)
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Postby trgeorge » Sun May 29, 2005 9:02 am

Smacdevil wrote:Cool, this is great info for lowbie chars 8)

Hehe, not that many lowbie chars in our guild. And those starting new char shouldn't have problem solving those quests. But what can I say, I like exploring RK and then geting on peep's nerves telling about it :-''
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