Neutral start-up quest chain

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Neutral start-up quest chain

Postby trgeorge » Mon May 30, 2005 6:47 pm

This one is a bit different than Clan or Omni ones, mostly becouse it opens more additional quests. But other than that, yes it involvs lots of runing around and doing odd jobs (Suprisingly most translate to delivery. Soon all the noobs will go postal.)

Once you hi mainland from ICC island, you bump into Aleksi Innokenti, 685,475 Borealis, and his trusted sidekick the Lockpick guy. He sends you on epic journey to deliver Lockpick Newbie Quest to Ina Charlotta Kern, 650,650 Borealis.

Ina already got substitude one, so you can keep this one. And being good boy (or girl/trox) she has task for you. Borealis Mutant Population Study needs to be transported from place A (her position) to place B, which just happens to be Sprysi D'Lere, 410,310 Newland City.

Sprysi is a busy woman and have 2 tasks for you. Both are delivery and both are Vendor License Renewal. One is for Food Provider, 1080,430 Newland, and other is for Master Divenchy, 900,863 Newland. I would suggest to visit Food Provider first (you get some ql 25 shoulderpad and can pick up Leona's quests).

Food Provider is in dire need of 5x Small Chirop Egg for which she awards you 2x belt.She then wants to treat Master Divenchy with Bronto Burger.

Divenchy is so glad of a still warm meal, he awards you with Bronto Burger. One has to ask himself what's wrong with it that he wanted different one. Now here's good place to lost yourself in sea of quests for Social armor. Or you can continue with bringing Sonic Analyzer to Good Time Party Mixer, 465,340 Newland City.

Party Mixer gives you Microphone for your troubles. Besides giving out Living Cyber Armor Quests, he also has [url=]Frozen Leet Yummies
[/url] for Aleksi. Once you're ended back at starting point, you get A Leet Doll.
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